Dead Last

Maddie Arnette is a veteran crime reporter who gives up her intense beat after a personal tragedy threatens to undermine her family and her sanity.


But when she meets Suzanne Parker after an accident during a marathon in her hometown, Oak City, North Carolina, she is sucked right back into the dark world of crime reporting.


Suzanne tells Maddie a secret that taps into her own dysfunctional background that she has never truly dealt with.


Take a journey with Maddie on this wild ride as she investigates this case with the passion and drive of a tenacious journalist who also happens to have a wicked sense of humor.


Get a peek inside the raucous, sometimes unhinged world of television news with a cast of characters you will will learn to love and root for.


And don't worry, when you turn the last page, her story it's not over. Maddie will be back in 2021 with another gripping adventure.