The crime was unforgivable. The suspected murderer — unbelievable. One man's pursuit of justice —  unstoppable.


The death of promising young pediatric AIDS researcher Eric Miller stunned the Raleigh, North Carolina community largely because of the horrific way he was killed. For four months, Eric was slowly tortured as arsenic consumed his body.


No one thought that Eric Miller's wife, Ann — an attractive, demure, educated scientist — could be capable of such a horrible crime. No one except for veteran homicide investigator, Chris Morgan, a man in the twilight of his career.


But from the moment Morgan saw the thirty-year-old widow in the interview room at the police department, he knew he was seeing pure evil.


Now, in Deadly Dose (The Berkley Group), veteran journalist Amanda Lamb details Morgan's dogged investigation — a quest for truth that would last four years and see another life taken before Ann Miller's tangled web of death and deceit finally came to light.

Deadly Dose: The Story of a Homicide Investigator's Crusade for Truth & Justice(2008)