May 2002 — Stephanie Bennett has her whole life ahead of her — beautiful, talented and ambitious; she is loved by everyone who crosses her path. But that life is cut short when someone rapes and strangles the 23-year-old inside her Raleigh, North Carolina apartment.


Critical DNA evidence is all over the crime scene, but investigators can’t find a match. For years, they refuse to give up, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and taking DNA samples from hundreds of men.


Fast forward to 2005 — someone gives detectives the name of a possible suspect. It’s their first big break in the case, but he’s on to them, and a cat-and-mouse game begins.


Evil Next Door (The Berkley Group) is the gripping story of how aggressive detectives ultimately nab Stephanie’s killer — and as they begin to dig deeper into the bizarre suspect’s past, they are met with even more horror.

Evil Next Door: The Untold Story of a Killer Undone by DNA (2010)