Show your precious little ones how much you love them ... with every bedtime prayer.


Everyone loves a sweet bedtime story — and this one has the added bonus of teaching children a lifestyle of healthy prayer.


Starting with sweet and funny lines about bedtime routines — teeth brushing, story time, and one more glass of water — this delightful book will then teach children how to pray: love God, ask Him for forgiveness, thank Him for many blessings, and offer requests. Throughout the bedtime rituals, Mommy and Baby giggle as they play a game to describe how much they love each other.


I Love You to God and Back Bedtime Story (Thomas Nelson) will make bedtime prayers a real learning and bonding experience for parents and children. This complement to Amanda’s beautiful book for grown-ups of the same name is a perfect bedtime book for parents and children.

I Love You to God and Back Bedtime Story (2013)