Love Lies: A True Story of Marriage and Murder in the Suburbs (2015)

When Nancy Cooper moved from Canada to Cary, North Carolina, with her new husband Brad, in 2001, their future was bright. Living in one of the most picturesque and safest towns in the U.S., the couple mingled with their neighbors, attended parties, and were raising two beautiful daughters together.


Then, on July 14, 2008, the façade of their perfect life came crashing down when a man walking his dog found Nancy’s partially clothed body in a storm pond just a few miles from the young couple’s home.


Brad had reported two days earlier that his wife went for a jog but never returned home.


As Cary police investigated Nancy’s tragic death, however, they uncovered a complex web of lies and betrayal that ultimately led to  Brad’s arrest, and after a high-profile and contentious trial in 2011, a first-degree murder conviction.


But the case didn’t end there.


With the re-release of Love Lies comes the rest of the story: a controversial legal fight that ended with one of North Carolina’s highest courts ordering that Brad get a new trial and the dramatic conclusion that no one ever expected.

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