Madeline's Journey

My mother, Madeline Lamb, was so many things to so many people, but, universally, everyone who knew her would describe her as radiant and brilliant — a woman with boundless compassion and a wicked sense of humor.


Up until Friday, April 20, 2012, she was practicing law full-time and still partying like a rock star at age 71. A brain tumor created a detour in Madeline's life — a final detour that she took with her family and friends by her side.


She approached it with her usual aplomb and grace — from dancing with the nurse's aide who looked like Denzel Washington to coming up with a list of "brain tumor humor."  She fought like crazy to eke every moment out of life.


Every moment on her eight-day journey was chronicled on CaringBridge, a nonprofit website that connects friends and families in times of health crises. Below is a sampling of the CaringBridge posts, which served as the basis for The Living Room.


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