Halloween brings out the child in most of us, especially if you like chocolate. But what does your choice of costume say about you?

"Not a boy costume, Mommy. Definitely not a boy costume," my three-year-old told me as she flipped through the catalog of possible costumes. It was dog-eared from her constant turning of the pages.

She settled with a little help on Wonder Woman. Initially, she wanted to be a mermaid like her older sister, but then I told her she would have to be a mermaid for years because she would ultimately inherit her sister's costume after she grew out of hers.

"Mermaid," my six-year-old said definitively after turning to page three of the catalog.

"Don't you want to see the rest before you decide?" I asked thinking about how she is going to walk in the mermaid costume.

"No, I know what I want," she said dismissively closing the catalog.

Too bad they don't have costumes for adults, I thought. But that night while I was reading my People magazine, I came up with my own idea – a Hollywood starlet with too much money and no fashion sense. All I needed was some big sunglasses, a lot of layered clothing, a huge purse and a cup of Starbucks coffee. I tried the outfit on for my daughters and they approved. Okay, well I'm not really sure if they approved, but they laughed until they couldn't breathe.

So we're all set for Halloween, but secretly I wish the Wonder Woman costume came in my size.


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