Clothing Concerns

When I had two girls I worried about when vanity starts to kick-in. The answer – apparently three-years-old!

Yesterday I put a dress and cute tights on my three-year-old. Like a little doll, she's still at the age where I can manage and guide her wardrobe, or at least that's what I thought.

Upon looking at herself in the mirror she asked me if she is a cool girl. She wondered out loud whether or not Cari-Beth would like her outfit. I was shocked that at such a young age my daughter was invoking the vanity concerns of a teenager. I expected her any minute to say: "Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan wouldn't wear this Mommy, why should I?"

The outcome – this morning, she told me that Cari-Beth did not approve of the dress. Subsequently she threw a fit about the dress I tried to get her to wear today. I mean what does she want to wear, a mini-skirt, thigh-high boots and a halter top? Maybe she does, but not on my watch. I mean when she's a teenager I know I will likely lose control of the wardrobe battle, but at this age, come on, it's too early to give up the fight.

I guess I just have to resign myself to daily wars about clothing choices, unless I decide to go the easy route and just let her pick her outfits out of People Magazine.


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