Sometime life just gets in the way of everything else. If I only had about five more hours a day ...

I can't believe that it has a month since I blogged. Forgive me, cyberspace, for I have sinned. I am truly sorry, and I humbly repent for my slackness ...

Truth be told, I simply can't cram enough into my day. Between work, kids, writing and everything else, my life is cruising at warp speed.

Of course, when this happens we usually find other things that simply must be done immediately.

For example, just this week, in addition to my regular life that involves work, kids and endless domestic chores, I cleaned out my closet, painted a piece of furniture, shopped for and hung curtains, wrote two blogs (okay, so this one isn't done yet), edited half of a book, made notes for three new books, made dinner plans for when my mother visits, got three prescriptions for the kids, set up appointments for the vet, the cable guy and the gas company ... You get the picture. It makes me dizzy just to think about it.

Clearly, multi-tasking can be a gift and a sickness. I'm a list person. When I can cross out everything on the list, or delete it from my Blackberry, I feel like I've accomplished something.

But ultimately, I'm not sure if I am satisfied by the actions I've taken or simply by crossing something off of my "To-Do List." I learned the art from my parents, and have never truly been able to shake it.

Sometimes I imagine what I would be like if I were slower, quieter, less determined, less focused, Would I be happier, saner, healthier?

Unfortunately, I don't have time to answer the question. I just realized that there's a light bulb that needs to be changed in the den and an overflowing trash can beneath my desk that needs to be emptied ...


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