Second Grade

Most parents cry the day their kids go to kindergarten – what about the other twelve years?

"You can leave now, Mommy," she said pushing me towards the door of the classroom.

I admit I was nervous. It's second grade, for God sakes, and she's going to a new school. But children exceed all of our expectations and then some. They adapt and fit in seamlessly while we imagine the worst case scenario – fear, anxiety, no friends.

"How was your summer?" I asked the girls sitting at my daughter's table. They looked at me like I had two heads. Why is this adult with a forced smile making small-talk with me? My daughter also gave me a strange look, so I cut it out. Clearly, I was not fitting in.

As I walked away from her I noticed there was a big difference – not just a new school, but my daughter has a new look. Monday, she cut eleven inches off of her hair for Locks of Love. I am floored by how grown-up she looks with her new haircut, her new school outfit, but most importantly her new sense of confidence that blossoms with age.

I think second grade is going to be a good year ...


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