They Think It, They Say It

They think it, they say it. Children are raw and unfiltered – beautiful traits that we pummel out of them as they get older.

"Mommy, didn't you wear that to bed?" my seven-year-old says innocently in front of her teacher and friends as she hops into the Volvo in the afternoon carpool line.

I could lie. I could tell her that she's mistaken or that I washed it. But the truth is I slept in it, worked out in it, and have been wearing it all day long.

I look down at the wrinkled T-shirt and gym shorts wondering if anyone would have noticed my rumpled appearance had she not so eloquently pointed it out. Then I catch a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror – I see unmade face, undone hair, puffy eyes that give away my age.

They know. They all know, so why lie about it?

"Yes, it's true. Mommy has been wearing this all day long, and I might even wear it to bed again," I say with a chuckle.

"Cool, then you won't have to do any laundry tonight. Maybe I'll do that too," she says punctuating each word with a giggle.

Rock on girl.


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