To the Ceiling and Back

We all have expressions that we use to describe our love for our children- sometimes they surprise us with theirs.

We used to always say "I love you to the moon and back" – an expression made famous by the book of the same name.

Then, somehow it became "I love you to space and back."

Sometimes, my youngest, who is four years old, likes to name a specific planet in space which defines the depth of her love. "I love you to Pluto and back," she will say.

The other day, I asked her how much she loved her sister and was surprised by the answer. I assumed it would at least fall somewhere in the solar system.

"To the ceiling and back," she replied, pointing at the paltry nine-foot ceiling in my bedroom.

Really, that's it?

Sure, they fight. They're sisters after all, but they also play together all of the time. I'm sure they spend more time interacting together on a daily basis than I do with either one of them individually. When I scold my little one, she often runs crying to her older sister, who is eight for comfort and protection from punishment.

"The ceiling is kind of low," I told her.

She looked up at it and thought about it for a minute it. I could see the little wheels turning in her little head as she processed what I had said.

"Okay, you're right, Mommy. To Mars and back. I definitely love Sissy to Mars and back."


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