Hannah Montana

We have an univited guest in our house – her name is Hannah Montana. I've agreed to let her stay as long as she doesn't smoke or get pregnant ...

Hannah Montana rules in our house. First it was the television show, then it was the Hannah wigs they had to have for Christmas, and finally the 3D movie of her live concert (because I wasn't inclined to pay 500 dollars a ticket for the real live show).

So far, Hannah has been a welcome addition to the household. She inspires creative play – like singing and dancing. I even designed a mock stage in our basement so my daughters and their friends could put on shows. They look like "Cousin It" from the Adams Family in the wigs, but they think they look cool, so that's all that matters.

Hannah's lyrics, style of dress and dance are appropriate for a young teen. In short, she's not a hoochie momma. I think a lot of the credit goes to her parents for keeping her on the straight and narrow despite her pop star life.

Miley Cyrus, the actress and songbird, also deserves credit for keeping above the fray in what has become a recipe for the American tragedy – young girls getting too famous too fast.

Hopefully, Billy Ray Cyrus will continue to keep a tight rein on his daughter because if she disappoints us there are going to be a whole lot of pissed off mothers knocking on his door!


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