"Please Stay Back"

I was driving to work today and in front of me I saw a dump truck with big red letters emblazoned on the tailgate. They read: "Please Stay Back." Instead of being offended by the warning, I was curiously empowered and wondered if the admonition really worked. I thought about ordering my own big red stick-on letters and plastering them across my back window. Would it work? Or would they simply enrage career tailgaters who don't have enough guts to pass you on a two-lane road, but have enough misplaced bravado to play a dangerous game of bumper tag.

I met one of these drivers on a rural cut-through Sunday night during a downpour. Mr. Big Loud Truck as I will refer to him refused to pass me, but instead chose to come within inches of my bumper, at times appearing as if he might ram me. I mused about how tough he must feel on a rainy Sunday night going after a mother of two in a station wagon.

Okay, so I'm not really going to put the letters on my rear window, but wouldn't it be nice if people just kept their distance? As a matter of fact maybe putting the sign on our backs wouldn't be a bad idea either!


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