An Incredible Success

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... my first book signing for "Deadly Dose" was an incredible success!

Let me tell you, I've had my share of book signings where no one, or just a handful of people show up. But tonight (6/3/2008) a tremendous crowd turned out at Quail Ridage Books in Raleigh to attend a reading, discussion and signing of "Deadly Dose."

I was at once humbled by the crowd (knowing all too well how deflating a small crowd can be) and energized by everyone's enthusiasm for the project. The audience was attentive and engaged. We couldn't have asked for a better venue to kick off the tour. My collaborators, Chris Morgan (retired homicide investigator), and Dr. Michael Teague (forensic psychologist), were eloquent and delivered brilliantly on the questions they were asked by the crowd.

I'm told that the crowd was as many as 250 people. They sold all of their books – 173.

It was a great night, one of the best in this writer's life. For all who came out to support us a great big THANK YOU!


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