Sun soaked days filled with steamy temperatures, lukewarm pool water, and children basking in the freedom of their endless summer ...

Summer has officially arrived, maybe not on the calendar, but there's no doubt it is in the air.

I spent the weekend trying to escape the sweltering temperatures at the beach wading in shallow, hot tidal pools with my daughters. We found armloads of perfect shells and searched for the perfect sand dollar. We applied, and reapplied sunscreen so that our skin was a constant shade of milky white from the zinc mixing with the seawater. My lips are burned and my skin is the collar of toast. Now it is back to the grind of my daily life for another week.

If you're interested in finding a cool place to beat the heat tonight join me at The Regulator Bookshop on Ninth Street in Durham for a reading and discussion of "Deadly Dose" at 7:00 p.m. Retired detective Chris Morgan and forensic psychologist Dr. Michael Teague who were part of the investigation will also be there to answer your questions!

#parenting #deadlydose

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