Walk Like a Princess, Talk Like a Princess ... Words to Live By

"Miss Annette said I should walk like a princess, talk like a princess, sit like a princess, eat like a princess," my five-year-old tells me at breakfast.

She has been in camp this week at the local ballet school. The theme of the camp of is based on the Disney movie Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Intrigued of course I asked her to demonstrate her newly acquired princess skills. She did so with the grace of a fairytale princess, moving slowly on her toes, sitting daintily with her back straight and her hands on her lap.

"How does a princess talk?" I asked.

"Nice, really nice," she said wide-eyed and emphatic.

"That's gonna be a tough one, hunh?" I ask thinking about all of the potty words thrown around in my house when my daughters fight.

"Yep." she said through a mouthful of Lucky Charms.

But a good reminder nonetheless. The next time someone pisses me off I'm just going to repeat the mantra in my head, walk like a princess, talk like a princess. It can't hurt after all ...


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