Day in the Life

And the beat goes on ... I'm no rock star, but the cool people I meet at my book signings sure make me feel like one!

Tonight I will be at the Cary Barnes & Noble talking about "Deadly Dose" at 7:00. The Cary store will always have a special place in my heart, not just because I live in Cary, but because I had my first book signing there.

It was December of 2005 and I had one chapter published in a book called "This Day in the Life of American Women." It was a collection of essays from 34 women from all over the country. It was my first publishing credit. I'll never forget that moment looking out into the audience and seeing friends who had come to hear me speak about a little eight page essay. I was humbled appreciative as I am now.

Join me tonight at the Cary store on Walnut Street across from Cary Towne Center!

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