Move Over Beatles, The Jonas Brothers Have Arrived ...

I remember watching those old grainy film clips of the Beatles arriving in America-teenage girls screaming, crying, and reaching out for their idols. When the music played they mouthed every single word-amazing considering there was no mass distribution of music from the Internet to our iPods like there is today.

The Jonas Brothers concert in Raleigh Wednesday night was like watching the Fab Four touch down on U.S. soil.

The only exception-for the most part the shrieking, wailing and crocodile tears came from little girls, not teenagers. I'm talking seven year olds with big bows in their hair holding signs and wearing shirts that read: "Joe is Hot" and "I Love Nick.” It was really an eye-opening experience for me as the mother of two young girls who adore these boys.

Of course their adoration developed as a result of their powerful girl-crush on Hannah Montana and her subsequent Disney collaboration with the group fans call the "Jo Bros."

Musically I have to admit I wasn't that moved, but I've been to many concerts in my life and have never seen this kind of unbridled enthusiasm before. So clearly they got something going on. Move over Beatles, the Jonas Brothers have started a new revolution ...


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