I'm Sorry, You're So Angry

Here I go again hopping up on my soapbox talking about the Internet and civility again. But this time I have some fun with it ...

Post-election I decided it was time to write a little ditty for those of you out there who often get ugly e-mails. It's honestly hard to believe the kinds of things some people think are okay to write in an e-mail oftentimes to someone they don't even know. They don't seem to respond to reason, so I decided to have a little fun crafting a possible response in the form of poetry.

Poem to an Angry Man (or Woman)

I'm sorry you're so angry that you wrote an e-mail to a complete stranger today.

You said things your mother taught you polite people never say.

I'm sorry you're so angry you can't control what's in your head.

Instead of keeping mean thoughts inside, you feel the need to have them said.

I'm sorry you're so angry, not sure what made you that way,

But the next time you feel the need to spew, why not just sit down and pray?

I hope you work it out, these demons eating you up inside,

But in the future keep them to yourself, please show a little pride.

(*Feel free to share with people who have difficulty playing nice!)


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