Great Reviews on 'I Love You to God and Back'

“Each entry touches my heart so much that I have temporarily substituted this book for my usual morning devotional. God works in mysterious ways. If you are a parent or are ever planning to become one, I highly recommend this book because it gives insight into the mind of a child and their budding spiritual nature. In such a natural way the book shines a light on the value of children's everyday experiences, as well as the value of expressing gratitude for all things.” – CS Roth, Blogger

“Since reading this book, my prayer journey with [my children] has already changed for the better. I’ve realized that our prayers don’t have to be perfect. By letting my kids take the lead, we are connecting with each other and with God more and more each day. And more importantly, I’m realizing that my children have far more to teach me than I have to teach them!” – Bethany Halverson, Blogger

"I Love you to God and Back" by Amanda Lamb, is a must read for every mother who wishes her child to have a faithful and freeing prayer life with God … I plan to share this book with all my mom friends and perhaps even use it as a mom and tots session at our church. This book is too good not to share with others.” – Potter, Blogger

“As I began to read Chloe’s nightly prayers, I found myself enthralled by her innocence, and her mother’s ability to translate that innocence into her own life and prayers.” – Tristine Fleming, Blogger


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