Write Where You Are

One of the questions a lot of people always ask me is where and when do you write? I'm sure they picture a big desk, maybe a well-appointed office with good lighting and a comfortable chair. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

Frankly, I write wherever and whenever I can. I carry my laptop around the house and move from room to room. I write in cars, on airplanes, sitting on the floor, lying in bed, in the bathtub, you name it. I write on my iPad, I write on my phone, I write whenever I have a spare moment. I write in my head when I'm doing something else, like running, and then hurry back to get it down on paper.

I believe this ability came directly from my job as a television reporter. For 25 years, I have written for the television news every day under deadline with distractions all around me that I have somehow learn to tune out.

In this picture my photographer and I ducked into a local McDonald's to get out of the driving rain. It was actually one of the more luxurious spots to write. Most of the time I'm cramped in a news van or sitting on a bench or a curb somewhere.

If it is something you truly love, carve out the time, and find a place and make it happen.


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