Where the Readers Are

I had a great book discussion the other day with a group at the Johnston Community College Library. They had invited me to come and speak several months ago, but it took a while for us to find a date that worked.

And I was so glad that I made the trip to Smithfield.

One of my favorite things about hosting book talks at libraries is that I find myself in front of an audience of readers. In a day and age when our attention is completely divided and distracted by television, computers, iPads, phones and all of the communication that goes along with this technology, readers are rare.

But I've learned that in every community where there is a library, there are readers.

My audience in Smithfield had read my books. They were attentive and engaged, and as a result, asked great questions. At the end of the day, there is nothing more confidence-boosting to a writer than to hear that someone has read and enjoyed your books.

So, thanks to the JCC Library for inviting me and reminding me that, despite all of the choices we have, people still read.


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