Something's Brewing

Photographer Keith Baker took this photograph the other day when we were getting ready to do a live shot at the airport.

This story was about a plane that had been diverted to Raleigh-Durham International Airport after a mechanical problem was discovered in the air. Thankfully, the plane landed safely and nobody was injured.

But as we prepared to go live on the 5:00 news, the sky became black as storm clouds looming in the distance creeped closer. The winds became so gusty that it was difficult to stand, and by the time the anchors came to me, it felt like a major storm was brewing.

Even though the story wasn't about the weather, I felt the need to reference it on the air as the wind whipped furiously through my hair and the pages of my notepad.

It was a reminder of how things can change in a split second when you're live in front of a television camera. It's moments like this one that keep me on my toes ...


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