"The Living Room" on WRAL

I have been fortunate enough to work for a company that celebrate's its employees outside projects. We have writers, musicians, artists, you name it, working in television news. Generally, I have found that creative people don't just have one creative outlet, but instead, have many. Today, I had the opportunity to talk about my new book, "The Living Room" on WRAL's morning news. The support I have received from my colleagues for all of my books, but especially for this one cannot be measured in words.

Journalism has been my career for twenty-five years, but I have been a writer since I was four, give or take a couple of months. Now, I have two careers-one as a television news reporter, and one as a writer. Thankfully, my second career I can take to the grave. Long after viewers tire of seeing me age on television, I will always possess the ability to write. In many ways its like circling back to my one true love, the passion that I experienced as a young child when I wrote my first stories. With imagination, perseverance and creativity there is nothing out of reach.

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