How much for that book in the window?

We have become a nation that shops online. From our clothing to our groceries, we buy everything on our computers, iPads and phones. Let's face it, in our chaotic world digital shopping is efficient and saves time.

But there is something organic about going into a local bookstore and buying a book off the shelf. You can see it, touch it, fan through the pages and watch the possibility of a story unfold in front of you. You enter the store knowing you want a certain book, and leave with an armful of books you didn't know you needed. Maybe you're not sure what you want exactly, and a kind employee steps in to help. Unlike the digital counterpart, this person is a reader.

Books, music, and fine art should be available to everyone online and in stores. But the best access to any kind of art, which is in itself a thing of beauty, is at its origin, the root of where it all began. Young readers are created by passionate adult readers who put books in children's hands. Adult readers continue to read because of the love they developed for books as children. This love is nurtured by our libraries and our local bookstores. Please support them!

Join me for a reading an discussion of "The Living Room" at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh Wednesday night, June 25, at 7:30 p.m.


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