A Magical Night

Okay, it is going to sound corny, but I really felt my mother's presence last night at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh as I officially launched my new book, "The Living Room." Not only did I have a great crowd of engaged listeners from friends, to family to readers, but there was simply an undertone of positive energy I have rarely felt at other book signings.

My neighbor, the daughter of my close friend Linda, Brook Hatala serenaded us with the perfect blend of inspirational music. My older daughter, Mallory, even joined her for a song-a special and rare treat for me to hear her sing in front of people.

There were lots of hugs, and tears, and stories shared about loved ones past and present facing end-of-life issues. But amongst the grief, and sadness that these stories are centered on, there was also a lot of laughter and hope in light of our shared experiences. Somehow, sharing them lifts a weight from a person's shoulders because they are no longer carrying it alone.

I realize in these moments there is indeed proof that my mother is still teaching me one glorious moment at a time. Thanks. Mom.

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