Remembering Mom

Madeline Hartsell Lamb 12/26/40-7/8/12, on the second anniversary of your death, I prefer to remember you like this--no makeup, just a beautiful smile. Your brain tumor didn't take away your beauty, it only allowed it to shine through even brighter, shine through all of the layers that we wrap ourselves in like teflon in order to navigate our hectic lives. But in the end, the layers fall away like wrapping paper on Christmas morning because there is no longer a need to protect ourselves. Of course you were always magnificiently put together in your everyday life, but it was not the pretty package that made you who you were, it was your inner beauty that is so present in this photograph that I took of you one morning just outside the Duke Cancer Center after your radiation treatment.

I cry less and smile more when I think of you. Although, I will always cry a little when I remember you--but now I can smile through my tears. I miss our daily conversations, but I will always hear your voice in my head guiding me in the right direction.

One thing I know for sure, I am better for having known you. Peace...

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