The Final Chapter

When someone is found guilty in a court of law there are always the nagging questions from the public. Did the jury get it right? Is he really guilty? I answer these simply: I believe in our justice system and we have to respect the jury's verdict knowing this will not satisfy everyone's concerns.

When Brad Cooper was found guilty of killing his wife, Nancy Cooper, in 2011, there were many people who believed that he was innocent, that he had been railroaded by the system. True, it was a largely circumstantial case, but at the end of 36 days of testimony featuring more than 100 witnesses, a jury found him guilty. End of story. But the story didn't end there. In our justice system defendants have the right to an appeal. He exercised that right and the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that he deserved a new trial based on what they believed to be errors in the original trial in not allowing some of the defense's witnesses to testify.

Fast forward to September 22, 2014. Brad Cooper entered a guilty plea to second degree murder in the 2008 death of his wife under a plea deal with the state. With one simple word he ended years of speculation and set the record straight.

"Do you now personally plead guilty to the charge I have described?" Asked Judge Paul Gessner.

"Yes," replied Cooper.

And again...

"Did you in fact kill Nancy Cooper and dump her body on Fielding Drive?"

After some consultation with his attorneys, Cooper replied: "Yes."

Folks this is the final chapter in the story. If you are interested in reading the chapters that led up to this day please check out my book "Love Lies" on

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