"Stage Might" Versus "Stage Fright"

After years of "doing things on the side," I decided to start my own company to help promote some of my extra endeavors. I chose to call the company "Stage Might" because my focus is helping people be the most effective communicators they can be. We all have the ability to get on stage, stand in the spotlight and share information that we are passionate about in a way that others can relate to. Maybe you don't believe you have the natural ability to do this, but I believe with just a little bit of coaching you can make a presentation that your audience will connect with in a very real way. Let's face it, the line between engaging people and turning them off is a very thin one. Figuring out how to stay on the "engagement" side of the line is not hard with a few simple techniques that I can teach you.

I am also trying to model these skills by speaking on a regular basis to groups and conferences about a variety of topics from women in the workplace, to parenting and caregiving, to effective communication. Even though I've spent almost three decades in front of a television camera, nothing energizes me more than speaking in front of a live audience.

My goal is to take what I've learned as a professional communicator and help others reach their potential.

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