Smotherhood: Wickedly Funny Confessions from the Early Years (2007)

Life simultaneously begins and ends when we become parents. The joy of having children is unimaginable, unpredictable, and unmatched by any other experience. But there's also the heartache, the challenges, and all the work that no one talks about! As women, we've been socialized to believe that if we say bad things out loud about being mothers, then we are not good parents.


Smotherhood is a must-read collection of hilarious anecdotes that relates the mothering journey in a raw, edgy, in-your-face manner that will make you laugh until you cry. It encourages women to get real about parenting and say exactly what's on their mind! It's uncensored, unfiltered and unlike any book about parenting you've ever read.


Smotherhood  (Globe Pequot) shouts it from the mountaintop: Being a mother is hard  —  really, really hard! And this book makes no excuses for this fact, nor gives advice. It simply shows you that, among all of the muck, there is always something to laugh about.



"A must-read for working moms. Amanda Lamb beautifully captures the chaos that is her life as a mother and a TV journalist."

— Mika Brzenzinski, MSNBC anchor/NBC News contributor


"For manic, multi-tasking mothers everywhere! Amanda's takes will make you laugh - and remind you to enjoy this crazy journey."

— Jane Skinner, anchor, Fox News Channel

Amanda Lamb "Today Show" Appearance