Read How Maddie's Story Began.

Maddie Arnette traded in her hard-news crime reporting for softer, feel-good features after her husband’s death. But her lifelong addiction to the dark side of journalism, bolstered by years of meeting sources in back alleys and visiting grisly crime scenes, still clamors for her attention.

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No Wake Zone Book Cover

In Amanda's third fiction novel, Maddie Arnette finds herself faced with new questions about her past. And a new love interest.


After a near brush with death, Maddie Arnette heads to the charming coastal town of Cape Mayson, North Carolina, to heal. 

Then, she finds a dead man floating in the water. Police call it a drowning, but Maddie is not convinced, and her sabbatical turns into a quest for the truth.

That includes continue confronting the ghosts of her own past as she seeks justice for two men: one in a watery grave and one behind bars. 

The detective helping her bring this to light, Zack Brumson, is interested in more than just friendship. Is Maddie ready for love again?

Available May 31
No Wake Zone

Journalist. Author. Consultant. Speaker.

Amanda Lamb