Amanda is excited to unveil her latest writing project--her very first work of fiction a murder mystery/psychological thriller based on the escapades of a television news reporter.  "Dead Last" is available online and in stores May 12.  The goal of the story is to entertain you and keep you wanting more. This is just the first book in a series that will take you on a gripping journey with a cast of characters you will come to love and root for as they untangle dangerous webs of deceit in their personal and professional lives.

Like most of us, Amanda Lamb lives a multi-platform life. She wears many hats, from journalist, to author, to communications consultant, to public speaker. With each new layer of her career, she brings her decades of experience as a television reporter and author with her. As a reporter for three decades, there's very little she hasn't done or seen. As a professional writer and communicator, she can speak on just about any topic and coach others to do the same.