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What will you do with your one precious and wild life?

I've had so many chapters, and I know that I'm not done yet. I'm curious about everything, and curiosity is what allows us to grow and learn, and ultimately, to become the best versions of ourselves.


I can help you do that too, whether it’s creating a podcast for your organization or brand, or acting as a keynote speaker, host or panelist for your event, or lending myself as a veteran journalist and author to your podcast or television broadcast.

Let me know how I can help you, and we will come up with a strategy that works for both of us.

Amanda Lamb


From blog posts to news stories, to magazine articles, to podcasts, to books, you name it, I write it. Writing is my passion, my raison d’etre. I do it because I can’t not do it.


My goal is always to entertain, inform and engage my audience on a variety of topics including journalism, criminal justice, writing, publishing, and books. I am also a frequent guest on national television shows and podcasts featuring true crime.



I’ve spent my entire adult life speaking to hundreds of thousands of people through a camera lens every single day. I know how to craft an authentic, engaging message whether it is on television or in person. I can help you do the same.


AGELESS: Opening Doors with Amanda Lamb

Ageless with Amanda Lamb
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