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What will you do with your one precious and wild life?

I've had so many chapters, and I know that I'm not done yet. I'm curious about everything, and curiosity is what allows us to grow and learn, and ultimately, to become the best versions of ourselves.


I can help you do that too, whether it’s consulting on an upcoming presentation, being a host, keynote speaker or moderator for your event, or lending my experience as a veteran television journalist and author to your broadcast.


Let me know how I can help you, and we will come up with a strategy that works for both of us.



From blog posts to news stories, to magazine articles, to podcasts, to books, you name it, I write it. Writing is my passion, my raison d’etre. I do it because I can’t not do it.


My goal is always to entertain, inform and engage my audience on a variety of topics including journalism, criminal justice, writing, publishing, and books. I am also a frequent guest on national television shows and podcasts featuring true crime.



I’ve spent my entire adult life speaking to hundreds of thousands of people through a camera lens every single day. I know how to craft an authentic, engaging message whether it is on television or in person. I can help you do the same.


Now Available: 'No Wake Zone'

No Wake Zone

In the latest installment of Amanda Lamb's  Maddie Arnette mysteries series, Maddie finds herself faced with new questions about her past. And a new love interest.


After a near brush with death, she  heads to the charming coastal town of Cape Mayson, North Carolina, to heal. 

Then, she finds a dead man floating in the water. Police call it a drowning, but Maddie is not convinced, and her sabbatical turns into a quest for the truth.

That includes continuing to confront the ghosts of her own past as she seeks justice for two men: one in a watery grave and one behind bars. 

The detective helping her bring this to light, Zack Brumson, is interested in more than just friendship. Is Maddie ready for love again?

What Remains

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