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My Story

"What will you do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver

This is a question I ask myself every single day because I still have a fire inside me for learning, adventures, and new challenges.


For more than thirty years, I've lived in front of the camera as a television news reporter. I've covered everything from hurricanes to homicides, but crime reporting is my area of expertise. My goal is always to report every story with compassion, insight, and integrity. Journalism has given me a magic carpet ride on the coattails of so many stories that have shaped the way I see the world and interact with the people that I've been humbled to meet and interview. Most of my career has been spent at award-winning NBC affiliate, WRAL-TV.


I am also a podcaster. In 2021, my company released “Follow the Truth” about our re-investigation 1993 murder of Michael Jordan’s father. I wrote, co-produced and hosted the popular true crime series. I am currently working on a second true crime podcast series called “What Remains,” which is set to be released in June 2022. I am infatuated with this genre and can't wait to write and produce more shows. It's a medium that allows stories, topics and characters to breathe in a unique way.


In 2007, I published my first book and haven't stopped writing since that time. To date, I have published three true crime books, four memoirs, two children's books and three works of fiction, "Lies That Bind" and “Dead Last.” The third installment of the series, "No Wake Zone," was just published in 2022. I also wrote a weekly blog for WRAL’s website for eleven years called “Go Ask Mom.”


I created a consulting company called "Stage Might" which has several components. First, I help people fully engage with their audience whether they are speaking in a boardroom, a ballroom, or even on Zoom. It's been said before that to many people public speaking is a bigger fear than death. It doesn't have to be. I believe that I can help people reach their fullest potential when it comes to sharing their message in a confident and effective manner.


I am an engaging public speaker who is available to talk on a variety of topics including writing, television news reporting, criminal justice, parenting, caregiving and helping professional women find their path to getting a seat at just about any table. I also emcee events and moderate panels.

And finally, I am a professional contributor who does interviews on a regular basis for national news programs, podcasts and radio shows about any of the above topics.

So, back to the question, what am I going to do with my one wild and precious life?


The answer is A LOT. Stay tuned...

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