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Amanda Lamb

Stage Might is the opposite of stage fright. It's about climbing mountains, about facing your fears, about presenting yourself and your ideas in the clearest, most confident way. I am convinced I can turn your fright into might and help you grab the attention of any audience.


This is why I created Stage Might Communications.


One of the best ways I can help you share your unique brand is by creating a podcast about your products or services.


Why a podcast, you ask? Because a podcast is a modern, cutting-edge vehicle where you can widely share your brand in a very personal, in-depth way.


I can write, produce, host, and edit a show just for you that will spotlight your message and engage a new audience. You can use this on your website, on your social media and in any email communications.

I am excited to share my decades of communications’ expertise and knowledge with you and help you make people care about what you have to say. Your message is important and it must be conveyed effectively. I can help you make that happen.



Are you looking for a speaker to entertain, to inform, to connect with your audience? I speak to both large and intimate audiences at public and private functions. I can craft my presentation to the needs of your group. My topics include:

True Crime
Women’s Empowerment
Life Transformation


Please contact me for scheduling and fee information.


For me, writing is a journey that has reflected the different stages of my life.


I’ve written three true crime books that are in-depth versions of murder cases I have covered in my role as a news reporter.


I've written three parenting memoirs about the difficult balance of being a working mother in an industry that requires %110 every single day.


I’ve also written a caregiving memoir about taking care of my dying mother, the role reversal, the toll it takes on your body and your mind, and the ultimate humility you gain by having the privilege of ushering someone from one world into the next.


I’ve written two children’s books—labors of love, a reminder of the hours and hours I spent reading books to my own precious daughters.


Now, I am on a new path as a writer, using my imagination to create murder mysteries based on everything I’ve learned in my thirty-plus years as a television reporter. The stories and characters are born out of fantasy, but the scenarios draw on my real life as a crime reporter.


What will I write next? Who knows, but one there is one thing I’m certain of, that I will never stop writing. 

Lies That Bind Book Signing
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